SymBioSE 2006

I write this post in english. Why? Next week, I will have a lecture for the students attending the 10th annual SymBioSE that will be held in Ancona in the first half of August.

Few months ago some  biology students asked me the availability and I accepted. So, I am preparing my lesson on “Food biotechnology and nutritional quality". I would like also to talk about blog and scientific communication. SymBioSE was founded in 1996 by a German student association. The basic idea was to connect all European biology students, allowing for the exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences about student concerns. I will talk here about my lecture in the next days.

2 commenti on “SymBioSE 2006”

  1. Grissino ha detto:

    Brava Gianna!
    Alla penultima frase aggiungo: e farsi un pò di bei giri per l’Europa giusto? ^_^

  2. gianna ferretti ha detto:

    @grissino.Ho giĂ  avvertito che se non c’è l’aula piena di studenti..non faccio lezione..:-)


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