Grazie Andrea, Thanks to William!

Ho iniziato a leggere il libro Coca Cola,l’inchiesta probita di cui ho parlato qualche settimana fa. Grazie ad Andrea Allolio delle Edizioni Lindau per avermi inviato una copia del libro. E sono molto onorata dell’arrivo su TRASHFOOD di William Reymond, l’autore che mi ringrazia dell’attenzione che ho riservato al suo libro e mi scrive questo commento che riporto qui.


Dear Gianna,

first, i’m sorry. Even if I was born less than two hours from the italian border, my Italian is not good enough to write directly  in your beautiful language. I want to thank you for your work. I wrote this book because I deeply believe that big corporations as The Coca-Cola Company has strong effects on our life. Before to write this book, I published several ones on the JFK assassination, The Dominici Affaire and even the mafia. Believe me or not, trying to find the real Coca-Cola story was tougher.
I hope that you will enjoy the book and I will try to check your blog frequently to see if you have any questions for me.
Grazzie Mile,

William Reymond

Thanks a lot to you William. My comments on your book very soon here!

2 commenti on “Grazie Andrea, Thanks to William!”

  1. susi ha detto:

    corro a comprarlo

  2. William Reymond ha detto:

    You’re welcome. The thing is I can read Italian but I can’t speak it very well. So , I will stick to the english ( or, if it’s better for you, I can use French too). Anyway, I’m looking forward to read your comments and I will glad to asnwer any questions. Right now, I’m finishing to write my next book ( it will be publish in France next Feburary), I’m pretty sure that you will LOVE it. It’s title ? TOXIC. And, yes, it’s about food, obesity and why we need to do something NOW !



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