Trashfood weekly

It’ time of Trashfood weekly,the summary in english, of my last posts.

-A carbonated drink with caramel 150 d, it’s Frizz Coffee. Made in Calabria

-Again on food hospitals. As I told you, Slow Food and the Health Minister Livia Turco signed an agreement aimed at raising eating standards by using the best of the fresh, healthy local produce Italy. Some days ago the Federation of the Italian Societies of Nutrion wrote to the Health Minister to express their disappointment.

-Functional foods are growing in Italy.One of the last products is a cheese with phytosterols. It’s Made in Germany.

– I had never seen an orange cheese till now. Alessandro from Vienna has sent me a photo of this cheese. Not only bovine milk but also carrot juice.

– Its name is Corn Cone. Corn,vegetable fats, flavours, additives and some mistakes in food labelling. Try to read the label and tell me if you found it.

-Italy and Greece are in the bad books, according to European Commission’s latest reports of the Food and Veterinary Office on the state of EU member states food safety regulations. Factories and plants in all regions don’t comply with regulations in regards to the post-mortem examination of animals, safety checks on raw milk and general operation practices.The inspectors also disclosed an occurrence of potential fraud in relation to the freezing beef that is re-packed and re-labelled with a new extended shelf life date, although they did not describe the case in their report.

– The new National Committee for Food security will be located in Foggia. Here you find the web site, but it is empty, the members of the committee have not yet been chosen by the Italian Health Minister.


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